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Pro-lifer: Would you have wanted to be aborted
Me: Yes

Thursday night dance.
resinfiend: Okay I tried googling and got NOTHING and I don't really know who else to go to with this. Do you know much about or can you point me towards any articles, sites, or resources for veganism for people struggling with poverty and/or chronic illness that makes nutrition management, extensive food prep and frequent grocery store trips impossible? I've been pretty moved by some things you discuss on your twitter but my situation seems hopeless insofar as actually attempting veganism :c


I would say, don’t try to just be vegan overnight. (I’m still not vegan! Getting closer, but not there yet!) There’s been a trend in the movement (lol “the movement” - among people who think about this stuff a lot, anyway) toward saying “why not just eat less meat?” and I think that’s a righteous trend, because some people (say, you) might feel incredibly stressed out by trying to just change a lifetime of eating a cooking habits overnight — and the absolute worst way to change your habits is to start out by suffering a lot. While I share things that I feel are of import for those who might be in a position to eat less meat - or none - I also know that everybody’s walk through life is different. One size doesn’t fit all.

"No hurry," is what I often say. If you feel so moved, set aside a day where dinner’s veg or vegan. Find some recipes that don’t take too much out of you and have those on your veg day and see what works for you. When you’ve found some stuff that’s in your comfort zone and that you like you can make it two dinners a week, or start working on lunch or breakfast. Or don’t, and say "when I’m up to it, one of my future plans is to eat less meat, but that’s not where I’m at yet" and know that that’s cool (at least in my opinion it is). I am passionate about animals and think we should be cool to them, but I’m also passionate about people, and I feel like moving toward a more merciful world is more important than purity tests about who’s eating meat or whatever. Becoming vegetarian for me was partly about money, because we were poor and it was cheaper for me to cook all our stuff from scratch, but I had the time to do so and wasn’t hindered by chronic illness. In an ideal world, there’d be as many fast-and-easy veg options as there are meat ones, but we don’t live in an ideal world, and in my experience making the jump is a little tricky.

I don’t know that there are resources exactly for this but I hereby put the question out to others who read this!